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Social Bubbles

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Each social bubble can consist up to 6 guests, including both adults and children. This cost accounts for 1hr of play at $50 per hour.


Check our calendar HERE for available dates prior to purchase.

Who can be in your social bubble?

You and 5 of your relatives

A Homecare provider and up to 5 children in daycare group

You and regular play group, school group

You and your school learning pod (we can also rent space for school learning)

Additional Person is $10 each to maximum 10 people per hour.

Why book a social bubble?

You and your playmates feel more comfortable that way

You want to make it a memorable day

You want to maximize social distancing

How to book a social bubble

Fill out the form below

Give at least 48 hours notice

Confirm for your spot by Processing etransfer

We will call or email your a confirmation receipt.

Please note this fee is non-refundable